85 questions

  1. What if you are omniscience?
  2. What if you only imagine you are omniscience?
  3. What if you have agenda and interests?
  4. How will you pursue them?
  5. Will you blackmail?
  6. What if you have good intentions?
  7. Or, what if you think you have good intentions?
  8. What if you have bad bed-fellows?
  9. What if you are rich?
  10. What if you are powerful?
  11. Will you force them?
  12. Will you shock-and-awe them?
  13. Or, will you sneak behind surreptitiously?
  14. What if you have rich friends?
  15. What if you have powerful friends?
  16. What will you do?
  17. Will you think of poor?
  18. Will you think of weak?
  19. What if they become collateral damage?
  20. What if while pursuing your interest you break some laws?
  21. Will you accept the punishment?
  22. Will you buy the judges?
  23. Or, will you change the law, instead?
  24. What if there is light in the corridors of power?
  25. What if the vaults of money are not so secure?
  26. What if people heard everything being talked about during negotiations?
  27. What if your bad bed-fellows found out about your good intentions?
  28. Will they believe you anymore?
  29. How will you convince them?
  30. Will you sell your soul?
  31. Will you corrupt intentions?
  32. Can you do that believably?
  33. Will they believe you?
  34. Can they do anything to you?
  35. Are your good intentions true intentions?
  36. Can you defend them?
  37. Can you live peacefully after corrupting them?
  38. What will you tell your children?
  39. Will you let them even ask you hard questions?
  40. Will you even answer?
  41. Will you answer the question asked?
  42. Will you lie?
  43. Where are you going?
  44. Which way will you take at the fork ahead?
  45. Will you choose the harder one or the convenient one?
  46. What will you do when convenience comes back to haunt you?
  47. Will you change the course?
  48. Will you continue down the same path?
  49. Will you still hope you will reach a different destination?
  50. Do you even know your destination?
  51. Do you believe any means is okay?
  52. Does end justify the means?
  53. What would you do if you faced a backlash?
  54. How will you use the information you have?
  55. Will you frame them?
  56. Will you shoot them?
  57. Will you hang them?
  58. Will you just ignore them?
  59. What if there is a chain reaction?
  60. What about the unknown unknowns?
  61. How will you take them into consideration?
  62. Can you take them into consideration?
  63. Can you turn back from your path?
  64. Can you accept the failure?
  65. Can you apologize?
  66. Or are you above the morality?
  67. Does morality matter?
  68. Does humanity matter?
  69. What is moral?
  70. What is immoral?
  71. What is life to you?
  72. What is purpose to you?
  73. What about legacy?
  74. Do you care about legacy?
  75. Can you accept the punishment?
  76. Can you mend fences with your victims?
  77. Will you recognize them?
  78. What if they want to kill you?
  79. Will you fight?
  80. Will you victimize them again?
  81. What about their legitimate grievances?
  82. Will you accept your culpability?
  83. Or, will you find some excuses?
  84. Will you shift the burden?
  85. Will you blame them again?

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