Beautiful flower. Beautiful bird. Beautiful scenary. Beautiful girl. Beautiful child. Beautiful smell. Everything is perceived by mind via different senses. Eyes see. Nostril smells. Skin feels. Ear hears. Tongue tastes. What do “see”, “smell”, “feel”, “hear” or “taste” mean? Scientifically speaking “see”ing is when minds perceives the light reflected by the object and infers something from it. “Smell”ing is perception that is triggered in mind when the olfactory sensors detect the molecules in air carrying the smell. “Feel”ing is the perception in the mind that is triggered when sensors on the skin surface detects another object nearby. “Hear”ing is the perception in the mind when the vibrations in the air trigger the ear drums to vibrate. “Taste”ing is the perception in the mind when sensors on the surface of the tongue detect something. Ultimately, it is the mind that perceives all the senses. It is this mind that determines whether the sensation was beautiful. That in turn means, the mind needs to be capable to appreciate the beauty.

What is the purpose of beauty? The sole purpose of beauty is to attract. Bees get attracted to beautiful flower. Birds get attracted beautiful bird. Moths get attracted to light.

Universe is beautiful. Everything inside is also beautiful when perceived by the right mind. When I say ‘mind’, I don’t only mean human mind. I meant in terms of universal mind that can perceive. Even ‘electron’ and ‘proton’ have mind. They can perceive each other and get attracted. For electrons, protons are beautiful. For protons, electrons are beautiful. For Sodium, Chlorine is beautiful. For Chlorine, Sodium is beautiful.

I have always been fascinated by how molecules seek each other out inside a cell. When you look at a video of protein transcription, you get that feeling that the molecules are looking for each other. It feels like they can perceive. Cell is a very complex biological machine that is involved in everything related to life: protein constructions, energy transfer, regeneration. It contains thousands of different molecules. Among all these chaos, molecules still find each other.

If we look at a modern computer, there is the hardware and there is the software. Hardware is made up of microprocessor, memory, power supplies, etc. Each of these is made of other physical components like diodes, transistors, capacitors. Each of these components is made of various physical materials such as Silicon Dioxide, Gallium Arsenide. They all are guided by physical laws. There is physical limit on what they can do and what they cannot do. This limit probably will be stretched with quantum computers but a limit will still be there nonetheless. On the other hand, software has no limitation. It can be anything, become anything and do anything. Even when the hardware dies, software can live forever. Hardware-software analogy has been applied to mind-body problem many times. In this analogy, one particular question that is very interesting is: who writes the software for the body?

When a baby is born it comes with pretty much a clean slate. Except the DNA that it inherits and the cellular environment that gets developed when it is in mother’s womb. Apart from that, everything that defines it as a person acquires while it interacts in the world. In a way the software for a person’s body gets written by the world. Parents may think that they are responsible for at least the initial program. Even that is not true. Apart from the parents, even a newborn baby absorbs information from innumerable other things: TV, internet, siblings, toys, nature. This list keeps growing as the baby grows. The baby when fully grown will have its own definition of beauty. That definition will then determine its arc of life.

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