Just be

It was here. It is gone. People saw. It is in the memory now. It nudges people in different directions, towards different paths. Always towards their individual goals. Each path collides with countless others resulting in this fabric and ocean of exquisite intricacy, of beauty nonpareil. Immerse on it. Drink from it. Swim in it. Drown in it. Just be aware.

Everything happens in void. Void is what remains after. There is nothing that is right. There is nothing that is wrong. Everything is just one big contradiction that is kept together in this one infinite movement by some greater force. I bow my head in front of it.

Look at the waves on the ocean. What is causing them? Is it you? Do you even see it? Break free from your senses. No! Observe your senses. Do you see what is happening? Do you see this intricate web? You are moving helplessly. Strands seem to break and form under your feet with every step. Senses betray you. Just let it be. There is no destination. This is just a child’s game. At the end of the day, you destroy your sand castle and go home.

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