It feels like everything inside the mind wants to come out in one single burst. How do people bring out one sound after the other? One word after the other. Expressing what is in their mind. Like unravelling a ball of yarn. You start pulling at one end and the ball starts unravelling. All I seem to have in my mind is sound. No words. Just pure sound. That sound then needs to be organized into phonemes, then to word, then to sentences and finally to stories. To ideas, perhaps. Ideas are borne spontaneously out of nothing. They suddenly come into being out of the sound that is constantly humming in the mind. The idea sets things in motion. In a way like the big bang. One moment there was nothing. And the next moment there was this explosion – the idea. That idea sets things in motion. What idea, we do not know? Because we are all the by-product of that. The atoms, molecules, air, earth, planets, stars and vast void of space, everything. We are all participating in expressing that idea.

When we have an idea in our mind, it triggers some stimuli in the brain. There will be activities in the neurons, in different chemicals in the cells. They then trigger some more stimuli. They make hands move. They make eyes blink. They make the heart beat faster. They make you light the fire. They make you split the woods. They make build something. They make you destroy something. They make you run a marathon for no reason. They make you give up everything and be an ascetic. Any one of these actions can create a ripple effect in the wider society causing a chain reaction. But those neurons, the molecules that make the neuron or the atoms, they have no idea why they are doing. They simply are moving or are being stimulated. They have no idea, pun unintended, what idea they are expressing. During all this, they move, they collide, they die, they get borne again. They get recycled into another molecule or something else. They have no control over what happens next. Things just happen. If they were conscious, they would probably try to change their course of movement. They would probably stop trying to be stimulated. They would probably have reflected over like many humans do: no matter how much they tried, why did things just happen? Do we have control over our surroundings? Many people would like to think they have. Ultimately, when they lose that sense of control, they get upset. Our world is also no different from the world of the atoms and molecules. That sometimes make me wonder whether the molecules are also conscious in some way.

Now, to get back to the concept of idea, is it possible to know what is that idea that is being expressed through us? When I say us, I mean all the observable things. Can the molecules in my brain right now know what I am going to write next when the idea triggers the brain stimuli to move my fingers to type these words. I say – NO. The idea at the level of a human being is beyond the limit of comprehension for any single molecule no matter how intelligent or observant they are. Their field of view will always remain too small to see the full picture. But if the molecule is conscious, it may be able observe what is happening to itself and other molecules in its immediate environment and deduce that they are just moving under the influence of some external force. Same applies to whether it is possible for us to comprehend the idea that the cosmic mind is expressing through us. If we observe our immediate surrounding, we can clearly deduce that we are not in control no matter how much we discuss about free will. We may be able deduce that something is being expressed but knowledge of what that grand idea is will always be outside our field of conscious.

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