Joy and Sadness

Feeling of joy
The joy of realization of the oneness of everything
Feeling of sadness
The sadness that I cannot share this knowledge
Coexist side by side inside of me
Tears well up and roll down my cheeks at my failing
Realization is just that
A realization
Words are too small to imprison it
It consumes everything
It becomes everything
Any attempt to bind it within the boundaries of sound
It burns them down
Words, when uttered, become ashes
Could you look at those ashes and see the fire behind?
Could you read those words and sense the mind behind?
Could you feel it?
Could you, may be, climb the ladder of these words?
I hope you do
I hope you see what I see
I hope you feel what I feel
I am yearning for you up here
My brethren
Don’t give up yet