Atomic story (Part 1)

I am an atom and this is an atomic story. Let’s start at the beginning: my birth. At one moment there was nothing and at another moment, I was in this world complete and fully functional atom. I don’t know how I came to be.  When I realized I was born, there were already many other atoms. To tell you the truth, atomic world is very fascinating. There are many varieties of atoms: light atoms, heavy atoms, gas atoms, liquid atoms, metallic atoms, explosive atoms, inert atoms. Even within the same variety, each atom has its own character. Sometime when a Sodium atom comes closer to a Chlorine atom, they join and form a common salt molecule. But other times, they just stare at each other and decide to move their own way. Same with Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. Sometime one of each will join and together they will go searching for another Hydrogen atom to form water. Other time, they do not even look at each other. Very weird! There are many such weird examples.

Over the course of centuries, many atoms tried to find a meaning of the existence of the atomic life. They devoted their entire lives to seek an answer. Some of them succeeded and became enlightened atoms. According to these enlightened atoms, we should not expect anything particular to happen as a result of our actions. We ought to just do our job and let nature take its own course. They also said that our job is very easy: basically to do nothing. Things just happen. Some external forces just moved us from here to there for no apparent reason. But contrary to the wise advice, most atoms kept on trying to do something and expected something to happen as a result. Some atoms make molecules when they find the atoms they like under the right circumstances. Some atoms form molecule with the same kinds of atoms. There are some atoms that preferred to stay with other atoms without actually forming a molecule. And when these atoms did something, they usually expected something to happen as result. Unfortunately, as explained by the enlightened atoms, the results were never guaranteed. This caused many atoms to become frustrated and stressed out. Some atoms even committed suicide. Those were very tragic moments. We did not actually want any atoms to take their own lives.

There were rumors that there were very powerful things known as humans that we could not see them. According to these rumors, humans could use their secret power to force molecules and even atoms apart. Taking molecules apart is okay but it was sacrilegious to take the atoms apart. Occasionally, some atoms would collide with each other at very high speed for no apparent reason and split into pieces. Some conspiracy theorists posited that these high speed collisions were the result of the secret human power. Some atoms were not very happy about this. They did not like the fact that humans possessed such a tremendous power over atomic life and death.  They wanted to do something. A resistance group was formed to fight against the human beings. The very first plan was to create a poison molecule. If somehow these poison molecules could be put inside the humans, they could actually be killed. I did not know what killing meant but I did not like the sound of it. Being a young atom and after having heard so much about the humans, I also wanted to know whether these rumors about the humans were true or not? Whether the plan succeeded or not? Then one day, out of the blue these atoms invited me to one of their secret meetings. I heartily agreed to attend.