Change remote origin for a git branch

While moving repository around in Bitbucket, previous git branch was renamed. I had a local repository tracking the old Bitbucket repo. When I tried pushing some changes to the remote branch, it failed with:

fatal: ‘<oldbranch>/<oldbranch>’ does not appear to be a git repository
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

After doing some web search, I found the following command:

>> git remote rm origin

This command removes the remote branch information from the local repo. There is a complementary command to add a new remote to the local repo:

>> git remote add origin<newbranch>/<newbranch>.git

You can get the url to the new branch by clicking on the ‘clone’ button. After setting the new remote, I was again able to commit changes to my bitbucket repository.

This article contains treasure trove of information about how to work with git remotes. I strongly recommend this for anyone working with git.